Designed to make your meetings more productive

Jambo5 is a Meeting Software that combines administration, collaboration, engagement and video conferencing.

Smart Meeting MinutesResults-oriented and transparent!

  • Collect and share results, votes, decisions and tasks during the meeting - visible and accessible to all participants.
  • No more lengthy minutes and unclear responsibilities!
  • Use the detailed meeting minutes with all the important information directly after the meeting.
  • Keep track of commitments and tasks.

Why Jambo5?

What makes Jambo5 unique among meeting tools and video conferencing systems?

In the world of digital meetings, there are numerous tools and platforms that help us to collaborate and communicate effectively.

But what sets Jambo5 apart from all these solutions?

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Are you satisfied with your current video conferencing solution and your meeting workflow? That's a good thing.

But are your meetings really productive?

  • Do you have to manually summarize the results and tasks of each meeting at the end?
  • Do you always need a minute-taker to write everything down?
  • Do you always use PowerPoint presentations, even if you only want to show something briefly?
  • Do you always write the agenda in the appointment agreement, which nobody sticks to anyway?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, Jambo5 will also significantly increase the productivity of your meetings in combination with your video conferencing tool such as Teams or Zoom.

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How can Jambo5 help you specifically?

Choose which features you are interested in and see how Jambo5 can support you and your team in your daily work.

Collaborative meetings
Informative meetings
Planned meetings
with detailed preparation
Instant meetings
without preparation
External participants/guests
Internal participants/team
Recurring meetings
Stand-alone meetings

Collaborative meetings

Jambo5 offers a wide range of functions to support collaborative meetings in which all participants are actively involved and work together on a task.

  • Drawing on content for visual ideas
  • Sharing content, presentations or applications
  • Vote and make decisions
  • Task management during and after the meeting
  • Documentation and summary of important topics and ideas
Drawing/painting on contents
Screen sharing and screenshots
Votes & decisions

Focus on content and results

With Jambo5 you have everything you need for an efficient meeting in a single platform. No more annoying switching between different applications!

Jambo5 helps you focus on the content.

  • All you need at the right place
  • Easy and quick results capture<
  • Thumb rating every result
  • All attendees have the same level of information
  • Attendants participate in a focused manner

Prepare meeting and documents

With Jambo5 you can prepare your meeting optimally.

Create topics, points to be discussed and prepare documents to be shown.

  • Add topics
  • Add discussion points
  • Add moderator notes
  • Upload documents
  • Prepare documents with annotations

From topics to results

With Jambo5 say goodbye to endless correction loops!

All attendees actively contribute to achieving results.

Jambo5’s summaries are accurate, minimizing post-meeting revisions.

  • Meeting results directly after the session ends
  • Easy shareable
  • Filter by tasks and votes

What does Jambo5 understand by Smart Meeting Minutes?

The Jambo5 Smart Meeting Minutes are a comprehensive compilation of data and information collected during the meeting.

  • Meeting participants and metadata
    A list of participants with their attendance times and other relevant metadata containing information about the duration of the meeting, the moderator, important points in time during the meeting, etc.
  • Presentation materials or shared content
    A recording or summary of the materials presented, such as presentations, shared files, screenshots or documents shown during the meeting.
  • Discussion contents
    A record or summary of the topics discussed, ideas, suggestions and decisions made during the meeting.
  • Decisions and votes
    A list of the resolutions passed or decisions made as well as information on votes taken and their results.
  • Created tasks
    A summary of the tasks created during the meeting, including descriptions, due dates and responsibilities.
  • Tasks assigned to participants
    A list of participants who have been assigned tasks, along with the specific tasks assigned to them.
  • General comments
    Space for general comments and conclusions.
  • Data for a follow-up meeting
    Results can also be integrated into a follow-up meeting, for example to review progress in the implementation of tasks or to discuss new developments.

The Meeting Minutes in Jambo5 are designed to provide a comprehensive report of the activities, decisions and discussions during the meeting.

It aims to provide a detailed and structured document that summarizes the progress and outcomes of the meeting and can serve as a reference for future steps and follow-up.

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