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Good online presentation #9: Use innovative elements on the slides!

Content is one thing, the way of presenting is another. Modern business presentations don’t content animations and colorful effects. However, content that needs to be explained can be excellently presented and enhanced on the slides with Pencil Selling. Try these innovative elements Other innovative elements are GDPR consent, polls, surveys, quiz, calculations, slider pictures. These elements help you to make the presentation interesting. Active elements like ping points or pencil selling increase the attention. Creating notes of discussed results and letting the participants share them directly is very effective on the one hand and on the other hand the participants automatically become part of the presentation. In no time at all, presentations become interesting discussion documents that promote dialog and invite participants to join in.

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Good online presentation #8: No bullet points!

Often bullet points in a presentation serves as a guide for the presenter. But this is wrong! Each slide in a presentation or business talk serves to visualize the spoken word for the audience. However, a lot of text on the slides takes up a lot of space, is poison for any presentation and puts off listeners without relevant content about the actual topic of the presentation sticking with your audience. Even with more complex topics, it’s best to use an image instead of a packed slide, because images speak for themselves. As the saying goes. A picture is worth a thousand words and often conveys the essence of the desired message. Bullet points as notes If you don’t want to learn the guideline of your presentation by heart, you need tools that provide you with the content to be presented from the background. During the presentaion could be notes that are only visible for the peresenter. These notes guides you though the presentation. With this trick you have all the information you need to discuss the content and your participants stay focused on your words, your pictures and your drawings

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Good online presentation #6: Direct attention!

In a screen-sharing presentation, you often direct the participants’ attention with the mouse. Everyone sees what you are doing and pays attention to every movement of your mouse cursor. But be careful! Because lecturing using a mouse carries risks, especially if you just want to check something briefly without the audience’s attention. Since every participant can see what you’re doing, it’s easy to accidentally show content that wasn’t intended for the audience’s eye, like your email inbox or browser. Direct attention with a ping point It’s more elegant to direct attention with a ping point as a attention tool. Only when yout click in the presentation a ping point is displayed to the paticipants. This way you are sure that no unintended information or mouse movements are visible. Ping points also encourage dialogue, as participants can also use ping points to mark areas on the slide where they have questions. The attention of your participants is precisely controlled by you.

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Good online presentation #5: Activate the listener!

In your presentation it is especially important to be able to hold the full attention of your audience throughout the entire presentation period – online as well as in a presentation in person. Typically, after an initial 100%, the audience’s attention steadily decreases until the last third of the presentation, only to be back at 100% by the time you leave. Activate the attention Conventional presentation systems try to activate the attention of the audience only via approval or applause. A real involvement of the participants looks different! Modern presentations provide interactive tools to integrate the participants. Conduct a poll or ask a guessing question to break it up and get a deeper understanding of the context. Thus, the participants interactively determine the course of the presentation and become part of the presentation themselves. This will keep your full attention for the entire duration of the presentation.

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Good online presentation #3: Listen to your participants!

No matter what type of presentation it is, a presentation should be focused on the audience. Strictly focusing on the needs of the attendees of your presentation is called Account Based Selling. Listen! All content presented should be aligned with the needs of the attendees. This applies to the preparation of the presentation as well as during the presentation, because in extreme cases you are able to present individual and targeted information even to unknown participants after a short time. In this way, your own storytelling can be individually tailored even to unknown participants.

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Good online presentation #2: Be relevant!

Presenting the relevant! When you present, it matters that the content you present adds real value to your audience. In return for their invested time, the participants of your presentation must receive a concrete problem solution from you and perceive the presented content as particularly important. Tailor made presentation For this to happen, however, you need to fully grasp your customer’s problem and also be able to map it in your presentation. Once you have communicated your customer’s need to your presentation, it should exclusively present the content tailored to them. This way, you will meet your customer’s expectations and have only relevant content presented at all times.

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Good online presentation #1: Overview

A good online presentation requires the necessary preparation. Apart from a good familiarization and preparation of a topic, the same questions always arise: What should be on the slides? What is the best way to activate the audience? Which elements should be used? – In this series you will learn the top tips and features of a presentation that really works!

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Maximizing Meeting Efficiency in 2023: Strategies for Success

In 2023, meetings are redefined for efficiency. Key tips include setting strict time limits, defining clear goals and agendas, minimizing distractions, applying the “Two Pizza Rule” to limit attendees, designating a meeting leader, and enhancing participant engagement. Make meetings purposeful, empowering individuals, and use interactive elements when needed. Meetings, when organized efficiently, become valuable tools for productivity and progress in organizations. Embrace these strategies for effective, results-driven meetings in the modern era.

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7 Simple Tips for the Perfect Video Conference Appearance

Make the most of video conferencing for your business with seven easy-to-implement tips. Choose a quiet workspace with proper lighting and a clutter-free background. Invest in quality technology, including an external webcam and a good-quality microphone. Position your camera thoughtfully for a flattering angle, and master the art of lighting to look your best. Dress professionally and prepare your setup in advance for a seamless and enjoyable virtual meeting experience.

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Video Conferencing: Pros and Cons of Virtual Meetings

In today’s world, video conferencing has become a cornerstone of remote collaboration. Discover the pros and cons of this virtual communication tool and learn how it boosts productivity, promotes global connections, but also struggles with technical glitches and communication barriers. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of video conferencing to make an informed decision for smooth virtual meetings.

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Benefits and Risks of Using AI in Video Conferencing

Discover the transformative potential of AI in video conferencing, from automated meeting summaries to real-time transcription and interactive presentations. While AI enhances productivity and collaboration, it also raises security concerns. Learn about the benefits and risks your organization should consider for effective and secure AI-enabled video conferencing.

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10 Best Free Web Video Conferencing Software of 2023

We’ve compiled a quick guide to help you compare the top 10 free video conferencing software providers based on cost, features, integration, collaboration, and ease of use. Web conferencing software with video and screen sharing are essential in today’s fast-paced world. Businesses, educational institutions and individuals rely on them to stay connected across distances.

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How to Choose the Best Video Conferencing Software for Productive Meetings

In today’s fast-paced world, video conferencing is essential for seamless collaboration. Choosing the right software can be overwhelming. We’ll guide you through factors like essential meeting features, ease of use, mobile functionality, video quality, and budget, helping you find your ideal video conferencing solution. Boost productivity and connect globally!

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