Good online presentation #9: Use innovative elements on the slides!

Content is one thing, the way of presenting is another.

Modern business presentations don’t content animations and colorful effects. However, content that needs to be explained can be excellently presented and enhanced on the slides with Pencil Selling.

Try these innovative elements

Other innovative elements are GDPR consent, polls, surveys, quiz, calculations, slider pictures.

These elements help you to make the presentation interesting. Active elements like ping points or pencil selling increase the attention.

Creating notes of discussed results and letting the participants share them directly is very effective on the one hand and on the other hand the participants automatically become part of the presentation.

In no time at all, presentations become interesting discussion documents that promote dialog and invite participants to join in.

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A good online presentation requires the necessary preparation. Apart from a good familiarization and preparation of a topic, the same questions always arise: What should be on the slides? What is the best way to activate the audience? Which elements should be used? – In this series you will learn the top tips and features of a presentation that really works!

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