Modern business meeting software #3: Modern presentation software

Modern presentation software must provide all the tools that support the presenter in one tool. This is the only way for the presenter to deliver an optimal result. (to perform well)

Everything related to business meetings should also be available. Many companies are not yet advanced enough in digitalization to have a resilient online presentation infrastructure that can be used perfectly by everyone.

Requirements for modern presentation software

  • Meeting calendar with invitation system
  • Innovative video system that ensures permanent visual contact with the participants
  • Interactive elements on the slides for livening up and integration
  • Notes for the presenter and for everyone with an approval system
  • Presentation aids such as ping points or pencil selling to direct attention
  • Seamless switching between interactive presentation and desktop streaming
  • Document library to quickly find documents that answer detailed questions, for example
  • Automatic creation of a result PDF with the data of the participants, which slides were shown, the comments and the notes
  • Automatic assignment of the result to a CRM contact

As you can see, modern presentation software is a generalist that provides all the features useful for business talk from various disciplines.

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