Modern sales tools #8: Sales automation tools

What are sales automation tools?

Sales automation tools refer to the comprehensive automation of sales processes by means of intelligent hardware and software. Through better management, administrative tasks are to be minimized in this way, thus making everyday work easier. The aim here is that the salesperson can invest the time thus saved in the actual sales conversation.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a way of using automation software in your own company and supports the sales department in managing customer data. A good and well-maintained CRM system is the perfect repository of easily retrievable digital records, customer data and project information and provides useful insights in daily use.

Sales automation tools and business meetings

Business talks are currently very static. There are linear PowerPoint presentations that, if at all, are manually adapted to the conversation in advance by showing and hiding slides and individualizing names for the greeting. The result is often a copy of the presentation that is discarded in the aftermath.

Participants, comments and results of the talk are recorded manually and transferred to the CRM after the talk. This happens often time-delayed for days, and, if it goes well, made available to the participants.

The tasks resulting from the business meeting are then created and processed in the CRM, whereby the details are also defined here from the memory and the manual notes of the presenter. You always run the risk that the participants have a different reminder of the conversation details or the agreed next steps.

Sales automation tools and jambo5:

  • Automatic registration of participants
  • Automatic creation of result PDF with
    • Participant name, role and contact info
    • Pencil selling marks
    • Notes with appoved status
    • Contains only pages that where shown
    • Results of polls or other interactive tools
  • Automatic change of presentation according to input before or during presentation
  • Automatic adjustment of presentation before according to parameters from CRM e.g. participant name
  • Automatic assign meeting participants to contacts in CRM

Other sales automation tools on the market:

More parts in this series

Modern sales tools #1: Overview

The range of digital sales tools has increased significantly in recent years and facilitates digital sales. In this series, we’ll show you tools that can help you meet all the requirements of the modern digital sales process.

Modern sales tools #2: Online presentation tools – The heart of modern sales

The sales pitch is the decisive key moment and the true heart of sales. At this point in the sales process, the counterpart should finally be won over for your own products and services and convert to a customer. Modern sales thus stands and falls with a convincing, competent and meaningful presentation. Online presentation tools are needed.

Modern sales tools #3: Sales enablement tools

Sales enablement tools and business meetings

Information about the business talk participants, that where collected via sales enablement, are typically used before the sales talk for example to adjust the presentation. But a lot of information is not seamlessly available during the business conversation to support the presentator.

Modern sales tools #4: CRM tools

The business conversation is often not explicitly mapped in CRM tools. The information about what was shown to whom and what the result was is entered manually into the CRM system and follow-up processes are triggered. There is no automatic information to the customer about the individual result documents. Informing the customer about the points discussed either does not take place at all or only in a manual process.
There is an automation and information gap between business talk preperation and follow-up.

Modern sales tools #5: Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools are typically used in sales discussions to identify the customer’s problem and outline a solution. Alternatives are the joint creation of offers as a seller center. The discussion of proposed solutions or offers with the customer are further possible applications of collaboration software.

Modern sales tools #6: Video meeting tools

It was important for the presenter to see the video images of all participants at all times in order to perceive the reactions and to be able to react to them. Furthermore, a natural camera perspective was taken into account. The participant videos always appear in the area of the camera, so that the presenter can look into the eyes of the participants while speaking.

Modern sales tools #7: Interactive online tools

Interactive online tools activate the participants of an online meeting. The interaction, for example the click to answer a question or the activation of a slider, increases the attention and the emotional connection to the presentation.

Modern sales tools #9: Summary

From the different areas mentioned above only small parts or single functions are needed. A full size software is often overloaded and as an external software it forces the participants to leave the presentation, e.g. in order not to vote in a poll tool. Here the supposed loosening up of the presentation leads to technical insecurities, which must be avoided at all costs. modern sales tools

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