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Collect Information

This process involves collecting information through notes and annotations, assigning tasks to participants, and converting notes into decisions by voting on them.

Receive Result

Effortlessly access meeting outcomes with automatic and instant result delivery. View comprehensive information including assigned tasks, participant details, voting results, decisions, notes, and annotations as an authentic result.


Share your meeting results with attendees and others promptly following the meeting to ensure all relevant parties are informed and up-to-date.

The majority of meetings should be discussions that lead to decisions.
Patrick Lencioni
US manager, founder of the consulting firm The Table Group, speaker and best-selling author

HQ Video Meeting

Enjoy a seamless and reliable video meeting experience with customizable UI settings and preset options, all without the hassle of installation.


A comprehensive presentation solution that allows you to create, present and collaborate with ease. It comes with unique functions that enhance your presentation experience.

Meeting Platform

The meeting platform is a comprehensive tool that maps out the entire process of organizing meetings, from planning to invitation and assigning the results to the relevant contacts. It streamlines the process and makes it easy to manage every aspect of meetings.

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Make Annotations

Make detailed annotations on each slide using a variety of pencils while highlighting key content related to pencil selling.

Notes to decisions

Create notes for each slide of a presentation, in order to ensure the meeting results are accurately recorded and approved. The notes should be comprehensive and capture the key points discussed during the meeting, allowing the presenter to review and approve them. By doing so, the meeting results can be effectively communicated and remembered.

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Create Presentations

The presentation editor allows you to quickly and easily create presentations, with unique features and the ability to import media, presentations and documents.

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Share your results

The meeting results are shared promptly with all participants and relevant parties immediately after the meeting has concluded. This is done through the designated result platform, ensuring that everyone is aware of the outcomes and can take necessary actions. This efficient method of sharing information helps to keep everyone on the same page and maintain clear communication.

Contact history

A contact management system allows you to view the history of interactions with each contact, including the actions taken and the outcomes of those actions.

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Screenshot to Slide

Take a screenshot during screen sharing, add it to your live presentation as a slide where you can annotate, add notes and enable voting for viewers to provide feedback.

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Collaboration Tools

Jambo5 streamlines collaboration among meeting participants by providing them with seamless access to essential tools. No more hassle, just smooth and productive meetings.

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Presentation Tools

Maximize your meeting potential with Jambo5. This all-in-one solution ensures efficient and productive gatherings, resulting in increased outcomes every time.

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Documentation Tools

To ensure that the meeting is productive and achieves its goals, it is important to document all relevant actions taken during the session. This involves taking detailed notes on key decisions, agreements, and tasks assigned to individuals, as well as recording any relevant information discussed.

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Organization Tools

Organize every meeting with ease and efficiency by assigning meeting results to participants. Keep track of meeting history and outcomes with ease, as the results of all meetings are recorded and easily accessible in the contact’s profile. Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking meeting results and hello to a more streamlined approach.

Ready to get results from your meetings?

Create your free account now to experience how powerful Jambo5 will be in helping you collect information, get results and share them with your participants!