Awesome presentations #1: One Goal, one Tool

Have you ever thought about how many different tools you would have to use to give an interesting, interactive online presentation? Including all the preparation and follow-up? Perhaps in one tool? You will be surprised!

The following is a compilation of needed tools

  1. A software to create the presentation e.g. PowerPoint, PDF or Keynote.
  2. A screen sharing program to share your monitor with others e.g. Google Meet, Teams or Zoom.
  3. Participants want to be invited, so you send the invitation link by email, e.g. with Outlook.
  4. During the presentation you want to show interactive elements. For this you use special presentations / programs that run in the browser, e.g. in Chrome, Edge, Firefox.
  5. During the presentation you make notes about the things that were said e.g. on paper or word
  6. You would like to do a poll at the beginning of the presentation e.g. with Mentimeter. The link to the poll program must of course be made available to the participants via email.
  7. The consent for further communication with the customer, the so called GDPR consent is done by form. This is sent by email and the summary is recorded manually. The form is created with Acrobat PDF form editor.
  8. At the end of the presentation a short survey e.g. with SurveyMonkey. Again the invitation link has to be sent to the participants.
  9. After the talk the handwritten / digital notes are transferred manually into the CRM program e.g. in salesForce.
  10. A meeting summary PDF should ideally be sent to the participants after the presentation to kepp them in touch. This summary PDF is created manually by entering manually the results using their own notes, e.g. in Adobe Acrobat or Word. The whole thing is sent out again by email.

EXPERIMENT: Try to do the above steps on an iPad.

But there is an easier way in one tool!

For all the above operations you should only need one tool, which is ready to use without setup. The need for multiple monitors should be gone and easy to use on all desktop and mobile devices.

Automations should replace many manual steps and save time and money.

No Installation, no App
Serious about security & privacy
99.99% uptime the last 12 months
GDPR compliant