Awesome presentations #8: Sales automation in presentations

How often does it happen that spontaneously additional persons are to participate in a meeting in order to be able to cover the expertise in further specialist areas. However, additional participants are difficult to identify when simply taking part in an online meeting. The presentation flow is stopped if you first clarifies in peace who the additional participant is and in which function he participates.

Furthermore, the follow-up of such an appointment is more time-consuming, since the additional participants also want to have the results of the meeting sent and they must therefore first be recorded in the CRM.

In this case systems can help, which on the one hand query this elementary information before joining to presentation and on the other hand store permanently, so that you know in the follow-up who participated and which function the participant has. Ideally, the system captures the email address of all participants to send them the result of the conversation.

This way you can be sure not to lose any information and to send the results of the conversation to all participants with a minimum of effort.

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