Good online presentation #8: No bullet points!

Often bullet points in a presentation serves as a guide for the presenter. But this is wrong! Each slide in a presentation or business talk serves to visualize the spoken word for the audience. However, a lot of text on the slides takes up a lot of space, is poison for any presentation and puts off listeners without relevant content about the actual topic of the presentation sticking with your audience.

Even with more complex topics, it’s best to use an image instead of a packed slide, because images speak for themselves. As the saying goes. A picture is worth a thousand words and often conveys the essence of the desired message.

Bullet points as notes

If you don’t want to learn the guideline of your presentation by heart, you need tools that provide you with the content to be presented from the background. During the presentaion could be notes that are only visible for the peresenter. These notes guides you though the presentation.

With this trick you have all the information you need to discuss the content and your participants stay focused on your words, your pictures and your drawings.

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