Modern sales tools #2: Online presentation tools – The heart of modern sales

The sales pitch is the decisive key moment and the true heart of sales. At this point in the sales process, the counterpart should finally be won over for your own products and services and convert to a customer. Modern sales thus stands and falls with a convincing, competent and meaningful presentation. Online presentation tools are needed.

As the process of sales and marketing becomes increasingly digital in the future, it is time for presentation systems to adapt to the modern standard. Digitization, the Internet and globalization mean that the attention span of the audience is becoming shorter and shorter. Listeners are also increasingly demanding individualization and personalization. Modern sales conversations must cover these requirements.

Online presentation tools and business meetings

An online presentation in the form of a business talk differs significantly from other forms of online presentations, which are intended for lectures.

In the lectures, one person gives a talk and the audience listens. It does not matter how many listeners participate and the reaction of the audience does not affect the presentation.

In business meetings, only a few people take part, usually not more than five. Because it is ideally a dialogue that is conducted it should be individually addressed to the participants. Here the audio visual control of the feedback is elementary.

Online presentation tools and Jambo5

It doesn’t make sense to use different tools to solve one task: here the business talk. Take one tool that provides all the features you need and link them together seamlessly: Jambo5.

Jambo5 is

  • A modern, interactive online presentation tool
  • A high quality video meeting tool
  • An automatic insights & CRM tool

The strength of Jambo5 lies in the seamless interaction of the various components.

Other online presentation tools on the market

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