Modern sales tools #5: Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools are typically used in sales discussions to identify the customer's problem and outline a solution. Alternatives are the joint creation of offers as a seller center. The discussion of proposed solutions or offers with the customer are further possible applications of collaboration software.

What is collaboration tools?

A collaboration tool or collaboration software enables more efficient and effective collaboration in projects. In the area of planning, organization and analysis of customer projects, processes are to be optimized through efficient collaboration. Together with customers, content can be created, shared and expanded within the scope of projects.

Collaboration software can be used in different areas. Application areas include mind mapping, calendaring, file sharing and real-time communication.

Collaboration tools and Jambo5

With Jambo5 you can discuss work results with the customer and add notes. These notes can be approved by the customer, so you can be sure that the discussed changes are understood by everyone. The result PDF which is generated by Jambo5 after the presentation is finished also contains the notes including the status of the approval. This way all parties involved can be sure that only the actually discussed and approved changes become part of e.g. an order.

Other collaboration tools on the market

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